Her Name was Hester Film

Returning to her ancestral farm in Dirt Town Valley, Georgia two decades after leaving for higher education and family raising, Stacie Marshall was charged with the daunting task of reconciling a painful past marred by slavery. Despite being haunted by stories of Hester – an enslaved woman who had served generations before hers – Mrs. Marshall courageously set off on this mission. Her efforts did not go unnoticed: A National Food Correspondent from The New York Times documented her journey as she made amends for centuries-old pain; culminating in coverage across America's most esteemed newspaper come July 4th 2021.

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The best way to support the film is to purchase the soundtrack online and donate to the foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the soundtrack go to support the work of revitalizing the family farm and supporting equal justice in black history preservation, education, and black farming initiatives.